Funding Our Future

Michigan’s future depends on our children. It is time we properly fund our public schools, from Pre-K to colleges and universities. As a legislator, I will be a partner with teachers, administrators, and superintendents consulting their experience to make the best decisions for our children.


Learning in the Midst of a Crisis

Transitioning to virtual instruction is an important step in keeping our community healthy, but the learning consequences could be months to years depending on the student. I will work with districts and parents to ensure we have the resources needed for our students. 


Reversing the DeVos Agenda

Our district is home to some of the best schools in the state; however, our state is falling farther behind in educational achievement. The time is now to reverse the DeVos agenda, ending the siphoning of funds to unregulated institutions and keeping our public dollars in public schools. 


Investing in Educators

A product of Livonia public schools, I was inspired and challenged by my teachers. I want this generation of children to have even better opportunities. To address the looming teacher shortage, I will advocate to increase compensation for new and veteran staff in order to attract and retain top talent.