Healthy Communities

Our current crisis is showing that healthcare is essential to the safety and well-being of our state. I am committed to ensure that all people have accessible and affordable healthcare.


Prescription Drug Costs

For too long politicians have turned a blind eye as the pharmaceutical industry has made millions on the backs of Michiganders. We need to eliminate prescription drug price gouging so that no family or senior goes without medication because of cost.


Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

Michiganders of every age should be able to get the medical services necessary without risking bankruptcy. I will defend the Healthy Michigan program, which keeps 700,000 with coverage. I will advocate to lower healthcare costs so that no one is left with bills they cannot pay.


Mental Health

When I was studying my Master’s in Art Therapy and Counseling, I saw how limited access to mental health coverage was. In our society, we still struggle to prioritize mental healthcare and many are left without support. I will work tirelessly to expand mental health services and advocate to end mental health stigma.