Prescription Drug Costs

For too long politicians have turned a blind eye as the pharmaceutical industry has made millions on the backs of Michiganders. We need to eliminate prescription drug price gouging so that no family or senior goes without medication because of cost.

Clean Water

Our water is our greatest pride and resource. Keeping it clean and sustainable is good for our health and our economy. We must address PFAS in our water, before these forever chemicals have gone too far. We must fix our aging infrastructure and hold polluters accountable.


A proud product of public schools, I was afforded great opportunities in my education. I want those same opportunities for our children. The time is now to reverse the DeVos agenda by properly funding our future by keeping public dollars for public schools. Investing more in our teachers will attract top talent into the field and avoid the looming teacher shortage.

21st Century Economy

Michigan has a rich history of innovation that built the middle class. Let’s tap that innovation once again, to be leaders in new industries while taking care of our workers. We must ensure that workers have good living wages that in turn boost the economy.