Healthy Communities

Our current crisis is showing that healthcare is essential to the safety and well-being of our state. I am committed to ensure that all people have accessible and affordable healthcare.


Prescription Drug Costs

For too long politicians have turned a blind eye as the pharmaceutical industry has made millions on the backs of Michiganders. We need to eliminate prescription drug price gouging so that no family or senior goes without medication because of cost.


Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

Michiganders of every age should be able to get the medical services necessary without risking bankruptcy. I will defend the Healthy Michigan program, which keeps 700,000 with coverage. I will advocate to lower healthcare costs so that no one is left with bills they cannot pay.


Mental Health

When I was studying my Master’s in Art Therapy and Counseling, I saw how limited access to mental health coverage was. In our society, we still struggle to prioritize mental healthcare and many are left without support. I will work tirelessly to expand mental health services and advocate to end mental health stigma.


Protecting Our Environment

Our Great Lakes State is home to 20% of the world’s fresh water and Oakland County has over 350 lakes with many of them home in District 38. It is time to be leaders in environmental policy to keep our people safe for generations to come. 


Safeguarding our Greatest Natural Resource

Water is our greatest pride and resource. We all want to have safe water to drink from our taps, to play in our lakes, and to have for generations to come. It is time to enforce PFAS regulations, to protect our groundwater, and ensure that failures like the Flint Water Crisis never happen again in Michigan.   


People Over Profits

Corporations have been able to write the rules in Michigan. I will work tirelessly to ensure corporations pay their fair share for our resources and hold polluters accountable.

Funding Our Future

Michigan’s future depends on our children. It is time we properly fund our public schools, from Pre-K to colleges and universities. As a legislator, I will be a partner with teachers, administrators, and superintendents consulting their experience to make the best decisions for our children.


Learning in the Midst of a Crisis

Transitioning to virtual instruction is an important step in keeping our community healthy, but the learning consequences could be months to years depending on the student. I will work with districts and parents to ensure we have the resources needed for our students. 


Reversing the DeVos Agenda

Our district is home to some of the best schools in the state; however, our state is falling farther behind in educational achievement. The time is now to reverse the DeVos agenda, ending the siphoning of funds to unregulated institutions and keeping our public dollars in public schools. 


Investing in Educators

A product of Livonia public schools, I was inspired and challenged by my teachers. I want this generation of children to have even better opportunities. To address the looming teacher shortage, I will advocate to increase compensation for new and veteran staff in order to attract and retain top talent.

21st Century Economy

Michigan has a rich history of innovation that built the middle class. Let’s tap that innovation once again, to be leaders in new industries while taking care of our workers. We must ensure that workers have good living wages that in turn boost the economy.


 Restoring the Dignity of Work

We once led the nation with the boom of the middle class’ achievement of the Michigan Dream. Today, we live in an economy that no longer works for everyday people.  It is time to restore the respect for our workforce by revoking the anti-worker Right-to-Work, reinstating the prevailing wage, and giving everyone the freedom to choose to join a union.


Workers’ Bill of Rights

The COVID-19 crisis proves we are only as strong as our most vulnerable.  It is clear that our economy depends on essential workers and it is critical to build an economy that works for everyone. I will advocate to provide higher wages, parental leave, and earned paid sick leave – so that no worker has to choose to go into work sick so they can pay the bills.


Main Street, not Wall Street

As our economy rebuilds, we must provide new and existing small businesses adequate support to ensure our communities thrive.  I will champion expanding the Small Business Relief Program, in order for us to recover from this pandemic.